IDPA Pistol Requirements: Revolver

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts helping competitors answer the question: “Is my pistol IDPA legal?”

I know what you’re saying right about now: Who really shoots revolvers anymore? Believe me, there are still quite a few competitive shooters In IDPA and other sports using revolvers. You may not see them that much at the local Tier 1 matches, but they come out in force for regional, state and national matches. Try it sometime. You will come out a better shooter because of it. Anyway, this division was one of the new rule book changes. It has combined Stock Service and Enhanced Service Revolver under one division with two sub-categories, Stock and Enhanced Revolver.

Stock and Enhanced

Both revolver barrel lengths should be of 4.25” or less and must be loaded to the division capacity of six (6) rounds in the cylinder. Seven (7) and eight (8) shot revolvers are permitted, but may only load six (6) rounds.

The Stock Revolver sub-category pistols:

  • Use .38 Special or larger cartridges with a rimmed case, not loaded with moon clips.
  • Weigh 43 ounces or less, unloaded.

The Enhanced Revolver sub-category pistols:

  • Use .357 magnum or larger cartridges with rimmed or rimless cases.
  • Weigh 50 ounces or less, unloaded.
  • May be loaded via speed loader or full moon clip
  • May not use trimmed down cases other than what is listed on the side of the revolver. This means if your revolver shoots .38 special or .44 special, you cannot shoot those cases trimmed down to .38 Colt or .44 Russian length case or shorter in the pistol except in the following case combinations:
    • .38 special in .357 magnum
    • .44 special in .44 magnum
    • .45 Auto Rim or .45 GAP in .45 ACP
    • .45 ACP or .45 GAP in .45 Colt
    • .40 S&W in 10mm

Acceptable Modifications: Stock and Enhanced Revolver

Notice that a lot of these are the same as the semi-auto pistol modification.

  • Sights may be changed to another notch and post type. The frame and barrel may be machined to accept different style sights.
  • Action work to enhance trigger pull as long as safety is maintained (smoothing the trigger face, removing the hammer spur, use of over travel stop, conversion to DA only and addition of ball detent are considered action work and are permitted).
  • Grips may be changed to another style or material that is similar to factory configuration, provided they do not weigh more than 2.00 oz. (56.7 grams) more than the factory standard weight for that model.
  • Grip tape, skateboard tape, etc. may be used.
  • Cylinder latches may be changed to another factory offering from the firearm manufacturer.
  • Chamfer the rear of the chambers.
  • Shortening of factory barrels. (This is usually done if you cannot find a 4” replacement barrel.)
  • Re-barreling to another factory offering for that model.
  • Firearms converted to accept moon clips may be used in Stock Revolver provided moon clips are not used.
  • Custom finishes.

Enhanced Revolver Additional Permitted/Inclusive Modifications:

  • Cylinder latches may be modified or replaced, but may not protrude past the frame in any direction and may not be thicker than 3/8″ (9.5 mm) as measured from the side plate of the frame.
  • Conversion to accept moon clips.

The Stock and Enhanced Revolver Prohibited/Excluded Modifications:

  • Oversize or heavy barrels.
  • Hogue Big Butt grips and similar are not allowed. The maximum grip dimensions allowed are: 5.00” high, measured from the bottom of the hammer opening in the frame to the bottom of the grip 2 3/8”deep and 1 5/8” wide.

This post is not intended to replace the IDPA Rule Book, but is simply a guide to help the interested shooter become more familiar with the pistol rules. All competitors are responsible for reading, understanding and following all IDPA rules. If you have any further questions about your pistol, please feel free to call or email your local IDPA club contact, Chief Safety Officer, Match Director or Area Coordinator to help you with answers to your questions. We have the knowledge and ability to guide you through the rule book so you will have a fun experience with the sport and want to continue to further your shooting abilities.
Jason C Armstrong
Temple Gun Club IDPA CSO / Match Director
Owner of Hammerdown Sports Gunsmith Services

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