IDPA Pistol Requirements: Custom Defensive Pistol and Compact Carry Pistol

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts helping competitors answer the question: “Is my pistol IDPA legal?”

Custom Defensive Pistol

All pistols that are legal in SSP—and are .45 ACP—are also legal in CDP, according to the IDPA rule book. Again, this provision may be used for firearms that violate a CDP rule to still be used in CDP, provided the firearm is .45 ACP and meets all SSP requirements. All of the allowed and excluded modifications are the same as ESP division.

Compact Carry

The differences in pistol requirements for the CCP division that are not covered in ESP are:

  • Barrel length of 4.10” (104.1 mm) or less.
  • The unloaded firearm with the heaviest magazine must weigh 37.00 oz. (1048.9 grams) or less.
  • The firearm with the largest magazine inserted must fit in the IDPA gun test box measuring 8 ¾” x 6” x 1 3/8” 4. There are no dust cover length limitations.

This post is not intended to replace the IDPA Rule Book, but is simply a guide to help the interested shooter become more familiar with the pistol rules. All competitors are responsible for reading, understanding and following all IDPA rules. If you have any further questions about your pistol, please feel free to call or email your local IDPA club contact, Chief Safety Officer, Match Director or Area Coordinator to help you with answers to your questions. We have the knowledge and ability to guide you through the rule book so you will have a fun experience with the sport and want to continue to further your shooting abilities.

Jason C Armstrong
Temple Gun Club IDPA CSO / Match Director
Owner of Hammerdown Sports Gunsmith Services

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